Cupid of Chou Dynasty

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DirectorGuan Jian Xiong
CastZeng Meng XueDai Jing YaoHuang Fu JieTu HuaXiang HaoShi Qing YanBo Zhi JieLi Fang WenZhang Yu Feng
DescriptionYan Ruyu, this petite girl with a straightforward personality has been different from other girls since she was little. She firmly believes that mutual affection is the fundamental principle of marriage. Because her father runs away from home and also she is avoiding the pursuit of Marquis Pingle/Li Xiu, Yan Ruyu inherits her father's official position and becomes an official matchmaker. In order to fulfill what she promises to her father and get the highest honor of the matchmaker world - the Golden Phoenix, Yan Ruyu attends the Matchmaker’s Feast and works hard to set up a lot of happy marriages.