My Assassin Girlfriend

RegionChina Mainland
DirectorLi Yun Zhen
DescriptionBai Yinqi, the handsome and intelligent king of Xumi State, ascends the throne at a young age, but becomes a mere figurehead under the control of a powerful high official who intends to assassinate him. During several unsuccessful assassinations, the king falls for a female assassin, Yu Yan. In one assassination, he and his loyal bodyguard, Tian Xiaoli, fights against her together. Unexpectedly, they travel into the modern society in 2018 due to a mysterious watch. Bai Yinqi becomes the sole heir of Bai Group as a bastard, still beset with crisis. Luckily, Tian Xiaoli is always at his side. He meets Yu Yan again, but she doesn’t remember him. Therefore, the king steps on the road to the peak of power both in modern and ancient societies. Meanwhile, he tries to win the heart of his beloved girl.

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