Hot-blooded Youth

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RegionChina Mainland
DirectorZhu Rui Bin
CastZ.TAOSophieZhangLiu Yu NingCao Xi YueWang Jin Song
DescriptionIn the 1920s, Shanghai was faced internal revolt and foreign invasion, when the oppressed locals were struggling to survive. Wu Qian, a hooligan, is an orphan adopted by Wu Fatian. He and Wei Chengfei, a police offer, grow up together. They’re smart, brave, righteous and skilled at martial arts. Wei’s grandma is always good to Wu Qian. She’s sick and needs money for the treatment. To gain money, Wu Qian and Wei Chengfeng decide to participate in The Talented, a dangerous competition foreigners create to fool the Chinese people. During the competition, Wu Qian and Wei Chengfeng make friends with He Hongyi, a member of a neutral study group called Mirror. The three loyal and brave Chinese young men support each other and fight together till the end.

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