With You

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DirectorLiu Chang
CastLiu Hao RanSeven,Seven TanYue,Ahu,KADong QingFang Wen QiangChen Meng XiLiu Qi HengLi YanLiu Wen QuJiayu Sun
DescriptionGeng Geng, an underachiever, gets into Zhenhua High School accidentally, where she meets Yu Huai, a straight-A student, and becomes his deskmate. Life in Zhenhua is as distressing as Geng Geng expected – rigorous military training, heavy blow from the test, difficult courses, endless homework… At home, she still can’t catch a break with her stepmother and her son moving in. Luckily, Yu Huai brings changes to her life. Geng Geng, β (Jiang Niannian), and Jian Dan become besties. They are always together and share gossips and secret crushes. Geng Geng is no longer lonely with her besties and other friends around. However, after the college entrance exam, Yu Huai suddenly disappears…