Detective Chinatown

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DirectorKe Wen LiDai Mo
CastRoy ChiuNing ChangWang Zhen ErChen Zhe YuanCheng XiaoZhang Yi ShangZhang Song WenZhang ShiDeng En XiChen Yu SiVictor,Victor MaLi Ming XuanGao YeWesley WongDai MoMa Yu KeZhang Guo ZhuBryant RayHuang Jian WeiShi Ming ShuaiVen
DescriptionSeveral weird cases happen in succession in Thailand. Lin Mo, a disciple of Tang Ren who’s reputed to be the No. 1 detective of Chinatown, and Noda Hiroshiji, Noda Hiroshi’s younger brother, also get involved and become overwhelmed during the investigation. The victim’s wife Ivy, Wen the bar singer, Lu Jingjing, a member of the Five Great Reincarnations Squad, and Sasha the rookie policewoman come on stage one after another. Behind intricate clues, the truth hidden in the dark is being brought into daylight.