The Rules of Love

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DirectorHuang Tian Ren
CastWang Yan BinLi Jun YaoFan Xiao DongYuan Li Ruo XinHao Ming QiShi Xue Jing
DescriptionThe 19-year-old Yang Luotian is a descendant of the mermaids. Over the evolution of the race for thousands of years, her appearance has become the same as that of human, while she still turns into a mermaid when touching water. During her freshman vacation, Luotian is troubled by Chen Hao at Moon Bay, and her identity is exposed. Luckily, Lie Hengyu saves her life. Their kiss in the water convinces Luotian that Lie Hengyu is her predestined lover. However, the love between mermaids and human may expose the racial secret. To protect her, Luotian is forced by her parents to transfer to Shenghua University. Unexpectedly, she reencounters Lie Hengyu there, and they start a dangerous and sweet life.