Unstoppable Youth

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DirectorXie Yi Hang
CastAlanYu,Yu Meng LongVIVIZhou YouMaggieChen Wei DongZhao Ru Yan
DescriptionIt focuses on the volleyball theme and carries forward the "Chinese women's volleyball team spirit". In the city college league, Mingyang women's volleyball team is defeated again by the well-established Xingyue team, facing the crisis of being dissolved. The volleyball talent Yi Anle joined Ming Yang team by chance, but her height and physical limitations made her teammates question her ability. Yi Anle resolved the conflicts between her teammates with her kindness, courage and perseverance, and established friendship with rich family’s daughter Qiu Yuanya, working girl Sheng Zhi, and Gu Baibai who practices volleyball secretly. It is an inspirational story of a group of young people who are brought together by volleyball.