Who's the Drama Queen?

06-10 Episodes

  • Ep 12 Esther Yu is sent to prison
  • Ep 11 Xiaotang and DDD are dissing each other
  • Ep 10 Diamond and Sharon Wang dis each other
  • Ep 9 Frhanm and Qinyuan Fei diss Diamond
  • Ep 8 Xiaotang Zhao sings and dances in ancient costume
  • Ep 7 XIN Liu became a private secretary
  • Ep 6 The battle of the leader between Shaking and Kiki Xu
  • Ep 5 Esther Yu becoming Xiaotang Zhao's assistant
  • Ep 4 Decryption By Snow Kong and Aria Jin
  • Ep 3 Acting Test! JOEY CHUA in Tears
  • Ep 2 Xin Liu's requirements for her 'Ideal Lover'
  • Ep 1 Trainees show acting skills

Who's the Drama Queen?

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality ShowsiQIYI Presents
GuestsEsther YuK LuBabymonster AnSnow KongXIN LiuHana Lin
DescriptionWho is the drama queen? After finishing watching all the episodes of Youth With You 2 which is popular all over the world, what are you going to watch? Watch Who's the Drama Queen to feel the trainees' enthusiasm, acting skills and attitudes of chasing dreams. Your brain and logical thinking will be tested. There are surprising guests to join! Don't miss the program.

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