Youth With You Season 2 VIP version

05-30 Episodes

  • VIP 12: Trainees recalled past experience
  • Ep 11 VIP Version: The “It’s OK” Team’s Rehearsal
  • VIP 10: XIN Liu is doing business online.
  • VIP9 KUN recalls his debut experience
  • Ep 8 JONY J meets a new challenge; Jue Chen "talks back" to Ella, which stuns everyone
  • VIP Episode 7 KUN shows how to relax
  • VIP Episode 6 Yan Yu shocks Xiaotang Zhao
  • VIP Episode 5 Xiaotang Zhao roasts Esther Yu
  • VIP Episode 4 KUN mocked his own male aethestic standard
  • VIP Episode 3 Xiaotang Zhao roasted lyrics
  • VIP Episode 2 LISA tried the yangko dance
  • VIP Episode 1 KUN Got Caught in Hide and Seek

Youth With You Season 2 VIP version

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality ShowsiQIYI Presents
HostKUNLisa,LISA,Lalisa ManobanEllaJony J
GuestsKUNLisa,LISA,Lalisa ManobanEllaJony J
Description"Youth with You 2 for VIP" is a VIP exclusive derivative program based on iQIYI's self-made youth inspirational show "Youth with You 2". The program will create a new perspective by deeply digging into the content, presenting the trainees' training life and the preparation process behind the scenes that were not broadcast on the main program. On the one hand, it can show the young people's hard work on the road of dream pursuit, and transmit the positive spirit of them; on the other hand, it records the four-month growth and transformation of trainees, and shows their mental journey from multiple aspects.

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