The Mystic Nine

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DirectorLiang Sheng Quan
CastWilliamChanLay ZhangZaniliaZhaoHarryHansonCrystalWang Mei RenDean WangZhang Ming EnYang Zi JiangEdward ZhangLi Nai WenCalvin LeeNan Pai San Shu Ranjun Jr.Huang Zi XiZhou Xiao FeiZhang Chun Zhong
DescriptionA must-see classic! Zhang Yixing, a member of EXO, works together with Zhao Liying and William Chan to present the drama based on the novel "The Mystic Nine" by Uncle Three! Zhang Qishan, an officer in charge of defense of the city, asks Er Yuehong, a connoisseur, for help to solve the mystery of the mine. What amazing things will happen later?