Idol Producer

04-09 Episodes

  • Ep 12 NINE PERCENT Group of 9 has been determined
  • Ep 11 Trainees and Mentor's Co-Performance
  • Ep10 35 to 20 Thematic Test Elimination
  • Ep9 KUN's group turned into Sailor Moon.
  • Ep8 60 to 35! KUN is in tears!
  • Ep 7 LAY Zhang confesses to his fans on the spot
  • EP6 LAY Zhang's Interactive Teaching
  • EP5 100 to 60! LAY Zhang is in tears!
  • EP4 LAY Zhang Dance Teaching
  • Ep 3 Trainee rating provoked LAY Zhang
  • Ep 2 Ronghao Li met the strongest voice
  • Ep 1 LAY Zhang was upgraded to a strict producer

Idol Producer

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeiQIYI Presents
HostLay ZhangJackson WangYounghoLeeMCJinCheng XiaoKyulkyung
GuestsLay ZhangJackson WangYounghoLeeMCJinCheng XiaoKyulkyung
DescriptionStarring Zhang Yixing, it’s China’s first idol-competition reality show with all-star mentors. 100 trainees are selected out of 1908 trainees coming from 87 companies at home and abroad, conducting the close training and shooting for four months. At last, top 9 trainees are selected by viewers to form a male idol group and debut.

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