Swing to the Sky

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RegionChina Mainland
TypeFantasyRomanceLoveImmortalsYouthFeature MoviesIdol
DirectorZoe QinYang Xiao Bo
CastHu Bing QingFan Shi QiJesseSong Qing LinZeyuan SunYuchenning Wu
DescriptionA ditzy girl named Xiao Yu met a rich man’s son named Ling Kong by chance and became part of his wealthy family as his “little stepmother”. With her exceptional platform diving abilities, she joined Ying Lan University’s diving team. Together with brothers Ling Kong and Ling Chen, legendary coach Chen Tian and diving goddess Zhi Ya, she embarked on a journey to win the world’s most challenging diving competition, the “Swin to Sky Diving Championship”. As they trained for the competition, Xiao Yu and Ling Kong gradually grew from diving amateurs into serious contenders for the “Swin to Sky Diving Championship”, leading Ying Lan diving team through one hurdle after another. A story of passion, youth, growth and triumph under extreme pressure…

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