Ep 13 Part 2 Hedgehog’s Cheer Is LitEp 13 Part 1 Battle for Return of Wu Tiao Ren and Queen sea big sharkEp 12 Part 2 MOSAIC‘s Confession to Ex-girlfriendEp 12 Part 1 THE BIG WAVE JIAN LI Wrote a Song to Keep Xing XingEP11 Part 2 THE BIG WAVE Refreshes Mind with SuonaEP11 Part 1 Re-TROS & Mandarin Adapt Zhou Xun's Classic SongEp10 Part 2 Shangguan Xiai and Mosaic are dancing from beginning to endEp10 Part 1 Qin Xiaoxian and THE BIG WAVE diving togetherEp 9 Part2 Wu Tiao Ren comes back to the PK again.Ep9 Part 1 Re-TROS sings in antiphonal style impressively.Ep8 Part 2 Wild Children changes to another song and decides to quit? Ep8 Part 1 MUMA has a face-off with the Dada with “Later”Ep 7 Part 2 The bands recompose the songs magically.Ep 7 Part 1 The brainwashing song is comingEp 6 Wu Tiao Ren comes back to fight for the qualification of resurrection.Ep 5 “Mammoth” sung by Queen sea big shark is super furious.Ep4 Wild Children’s Singing Moves Zhou Xun to TearsEp3 The Re-formed Band Returns to Rock the House Ep2 The old band lights up the atmosphere of the entire audienceEp1 33 bands start group elimination