Friends in Summer Surf Shop

09-06 Episodes

  • 第10期 赵小棠上秤公开体重?
  • Episode 9 Huang Xuan sells products like an anchor.
  • Episode 8 Sebrina Chen and Kuan-Hung were cheated and forced to spend money
  • Ep7 Elvis Han shows his “charming legs”.
  • Ep6 Bridgette becomes DJ.
  • Ep5 Bridgette faces many challenges while learning skateboard
  • Ep4 Justin showed the ball skills and did the splits
  • Ep3: Elvis Han VS. Wang Yibo in Arcade Game
  • Ep2 Justin and Wang Yibo play Table Football
  • Ep1 Wang Yibo wanted to trick Justin, but was discovered

Friends in Summer Surf Shop

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality Shows
HostHuang XuanElvis HanBridgette QiaoJustin
GuestsHuang XuanElvis HanBridgette QiaoJustin
DescriptionFriends in Summer Surf Shop is a derivative of Summer Surf Shop exclusive for Vip members. Just watch it at 12:00 every Sunday for more behind-the-scenes!

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