Dear Little Desk

09-22 Episodes

  • Ep 5: Ye Yiqian Talks about the Rivalry Between Cindy and Her Younger Brother
  • Ep 4 Lang Lang Tutored in Homework by Reading the Answers
  • Ep3 Chen Youwei apologizes to the children
  • EP2 Ye Yiqian talks about her daughter's social obstacles for the first time.
  • EP1 Fu Shou'er has the battle of philosophy of education online.

Dear Little Desk

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality ShowsiQIYI Presents
GuestsJianbin ChenYe Yi QianFu Shou ErYouwei ChenGao Qiu Zi
DescriptionFour entertainment stars start an after-school care center. It helps the cute kids aged 6-10 do their after-class homework and cultivates their extracurricular hobbies. The host (hostess), the school-age education specialist (s) and the parents of the lovely kids stay in the studio to conduct observations. This enables the parents to observe their kids from the perspective of a third party to explore the right methods of family education.

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