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Amazing Dinner more info2020-08-28 Ep11 Yue Yunpeng’s original song made Yu Kewei cry

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Mandarin ,China's mainland


It’s my honor to have dinner with you! Traveling in different communities, Yue Yunpeng and Sha Yi hope to find families that are willing to open the door and invite them to dinner, so as to record the realest life!
Episodes 1-22
  • 1-22
Episodes 1-22
  • 1-22
Ep11 Yue Yunpeng’s original song made Yu Kewei cryEp11 Sha Yi expressed his confidence that he is comparable to Li YifengEp10 Qin Hao reproduced the famous scene of climbing mountainEp10 Wang Ju taught Sha Yi how to strike a fashionable poseEp9 Yue Yunpeng and Sha Yi fed each other, Sun Yue felt jealousEp9 Wang Ziyi taught RAP on-the-spotEp8 Part2 Shaking called herself a cooking idiotEp8 Part1 Tang taught how to scramble eggs in a fancy wayEp7 Part1 Tong Liya is blacklisted by Wang Yaoqing?Ep7 Part2 Yue Yunpeng played potent man but ended up failingEp6 Part2 Lil Ghost and Qian Zhenghao played a raree showEp6 Part1 Sha Yi created an auto-tune remix-themed tongue-twister rapEp5 Part1 Yue Yunpeng urged Guo Qilin to get marriedEp5 Part2 Sha Yi and Hu Ke started a couple debate competitionEp4 Part1 Li Wenhan fell asleep with Yue Yunpeng's company Ep4 Part2 Sha Yi said Shen Teng is short on looks Ep3 Part1 Yue Yunpeng played a trick on Wei Daxun with "mind-reading" abilityEp3 Part2 Sha Yi played the ruse of "self-injury" very successfullyEp2 Yue Yunpeng's PDA makes Lin Yun feel so sweetEp1 Yunpeng Yue and Yi Sha have a meal together