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Mr. Housework Season 2 more info2020-10-16 Episode 12 Part 1 Adam and Guo Qilin race packing

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“Mr. Housework” focuses on the topic of usual conflict and discussion in typical social relationships, such as husband and wife, mother and son, and roommates —- housework. It depicts true, real life situations

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Episode 12 Part 1 Adam and Guo Qilin race packing
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Episode 12 Part 1 Adam and Guo Qilin race packingEpisode 12 Part 2 Yang Di’s family members remade the old photosEpisode 11 Part 1 Yang Zishan and Her Husband Discussed Marital IssuesEpisode 11 Part 2 Evaluation of Amazing Tools Made by Adam and Guo QilinEpisode 10 Part 1 Touching Profession Letter from Yang Di’s DadEpisode 10 Part 2 Fan Chengcheng Wants to Cooperate with Shangguan Xi’aiEp 9 Part 1 Guo Qilin asks Why Esther Yu Always Plays CuteEp 9 Part 2 Yang Di Knows Everything about Girls’ GroupEp 8 Part 1 Fu Shouer Pays a Visit to Yang Di's HomeEp 8 Part 2 Yang Zishan and Chung-tien Wu Enjoy Sweet MomentsEpisode 7 Part 1 Fan Chengcheng highly recommends snail rice noodles Episode 7 Part 2 Yang Zishan bursts into tears when her mysophobia is challengedEP6 part 1 Adam Fan drives an excavator.EP6 part2 Wong Cho Lam escorts Leanne Li to go where she was in her childhood.Ep5 Guo Qilin and Fan Chengcheng expressed sympathy for the nurses supporting HubeiEp5 Wang Zulan looked after child aloneEp4 Wang Zulan and Zheng Kai watched Running Man togetherEp4 Fan Chengcheng tried to cook noodles mixed with scallion, oil and soy sauceEp3 Ryan Zheng challenges the houseworkEp3 Jike Zhang's father talks of the criteria for daughter-in-lawEp2 Part1 Zhang Jike was urged to get marriedEp2 Part2 Fan Chengcheng and Guo Qilin suffered a breakdown?Ep1 Qilin Guo cooks while triggering a kitchen fire Ep1 Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li are lovey-dovey in married life