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“Your Sensibility My Destiny” (2021) is a whimsical, light-hearted classic drama directed by Li Yang, and starring Bu Guan Jin, Wang Xing Yue (“One and Only”), Nie Zi Hao, Liu Yi Tong, Zhan Yu, Zhang Xue Han, and Li Jiu Lin. Adapted from a Weihe Zongzi novel, the story speaks of a quirky heroine who met an aloof landlord with no feelings. By a twist of fate, the two of them exchanged senses, thus starting an extraordinary love story. Carefree, brash, with a poor sense of direction, heroine Lin Chi (played by Bu Guan Jin) had travelled the land with her master since childhood, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Although life on the road was hard, she stayed optimistic and joyful. One day, while on the run, she mistakenly boarded the carriage belonging to a mysterious man. As it turned out, the mysterious gentleman named Mo Qing Chen (played by Wang Xing Yue) was a prince. The prince was born without a sense of touch, smell or taste. He could not cry or rejoice. Under the Empress’s protection, he lived a lonely and sheltered life. On the carriage, the two accidentally touched. Miraculously, the unfeeling Mo Qing Chen gained the key to the world of senses. For the first time in his life, he felt the smooth texture of skin and the sweet scent of hair. Without explaining himself, Mo Qing Chen captured Lin Chi back to Wu Mo Manor and forced her to sign an agreement. By a twist of fate, the two of them developed a sensual link, kicking off an extraordinary love story. From enemies bound by letter to an affectionate couple made in heaven, their feelings for each other grew. Finally, they managed to overcome fate, bringing a happy ending to their love story.
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