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24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceSweet LoveMandarin


The Chinese drama "To Ship Someone" is directed by Tian Shaobo ("Eagles and Youngster"). It stars Zhu Zhengting ("Youth With You Season 2") and Lu Yuxiao ("See You Tomorrow") as the lead actors in this modern TV series. Song Yanqi (played by Lu Yuxiao) is a typical optimist who never thinks of the worst in any situation. She loves everything beautiful and yearns for romantic love to come into her life. However, the reality is that Song Yanqi has been single her whole life. She is addicted to romance novels and unable to break free from them. Despite never having been blessed by the Cupid of love, Song Yanqi has always been the last-minute lucky charm. She barely made it into the Chinese Department of Qinhai University with the lowest score in the college entrance examination. After graduation, she catches the last train of campus recruitment and enters Ansheng Film and Television Company as a planner.Ji Shu (played by Zhu Zhengting) is a novelist with emotional barriers. Due to his family background and a false accusation, he holds a pessimistic attitude, believing that every outcome is a tragedy. When a pessimistic novelist encounters an optimistic film planner, their rivalry in the real world extends into the realm of novels. Song Yanqi is dissatisfied with the direction of Ji Shu's novel and, by a twist of fate, they discover a mysterious connection between the worlds of the novel and reality. Thus, they engage in a tug of war between the "HE" (happy ending) and "BE" (bad ending). Who will gain the upper hand in this game of rewriting? The drama will be available for online streaming on iQiyi International (iq.com).
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