The Sniper

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1 h 28 m
Chinese MainlandRomanceActionComedyGangsterMartial ArtsRevenge


Ghost Hand, the legendary gunman in Jiangcheng city, was being hunted for being a traitor by Xihe Tang, an organization protecting the city. Lu Lan, a punk, impersonated Ghost Hand and was taken by the best woman killer in Xihe Tang. Lu Lan was full of hatred after finding out his brother, Shen Lie, was a member of Xihe Tang and had been killed by Ghost Hand. Xihe Tang trained Lu Lan, who has the gift of slow vision, into the best gunman. Lu Lan was told to work with Leng Feng to eradicate the underground power that traffics arms and kill Ma Wenchang, a warlord. Their mission was interrupted by Ghost Hand many times. Lu Lan was determined to kill Ghost Hand in revenge for his brother’s death. Just when they were about to have a gunfight over life and death, Lu Lan found out his dead brother was no one but Ghost Hand. It turned out that all of this was a conspiracy of Xihe Tang.
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