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20 Episodes
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"The Magical Women" is a modern women's drama directed by Chen Chang, starring Qin Lan and Deng Jiajia. Other main cast members include Zhang Junning, Wu Xiaoliang, Sun Ning, and Tian Yitong. Bao Jianfeng and Hu Ke also make special guest appearances, while Zhang Tianyang also makes a cameo. The series tells the story of two different characters, Su Fei and An Ning, who grow together through Su Fei's family crisis and overcome life's challenges. Su Fei (Qin Lan), who is skilled at manipulating others, and An Ning (Deng Jiajia), who is tough and straightforward, sympathize with each other and face the pain of Su Fei broken family together, embarking on a new life. As they warm to each other, Su Fei discovers An Ning's unknown past, and the two friends endure another storm together. Accepting all the gifts of fate with tolerance is a sign of a woman's maturity. Of course, the courage to fight back when provoked is also a must-have lesson in their brilliant lives. Through this painful life experience, Su Fei and An Ning finally see the true faces of Yan Weilun (Zhang Junning) and Pang Xin (Bao Jianfeng), and they fight back together with ease. In the process of accepting each other, they also heal their emotional wounds and ultimately complete their transformation, breaking out of their cocoons like butterflies. The drama depicts the challenges and struggles that contemporary women face in life with a realistic and delicate narrative style, portraying their resilient and uncompromising, yet vibrant and authentic images. The series will be available for online streaming on iQIYI (iq.com) International from April 1st.
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