The Lord of Amusement ( Cantonese )

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1 h 34 m
Hong KongComedyReality


Yang Qianhua serves as a waiter at a club operated by his aunt when he comes to Hong Kong. Chang and Pao are two tycoons of the entertainment industry. Qianhua is a big fan of Pao. Pao has a crush on Gigi, but Gigi leaves him because she can’t stand his bad temper. When Pao is grieved due to Gigi’s leave, Chang drives Pao out of this industry with some tricks. After Pao leaves, Chang tries to frame Qianhua, but innocent Qianhua doesn’t know that he has been set up by Chang and owes a massive debt. One day, homeless Qianhua meets Pao on the street. Both of them are mad at Chang. To avenge themselves and take back what they have lost, they decide to cooperate to kick Chang out of this industry.
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