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The Ingenious One is a Jianghu drama directed by You Dazhi (The Vigilantes in Masks), starring Chen Xiao (A Dream of Splendor), Mao Xiaotong (Nothing But Thirty), Tang Xiaotian (Put Your Head on My Shoulder), Xu Lingyue (Serenade of Peaceful Joy), and Liu Guanlin (I Am a Superstar), with special appearances by Qin Lan (Story of Yanxi Palace), Wang Jinsong (Nirvana in Fire), Hui Yinghong (The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful), and Huang Haibing (Love and Redemption). The drama is adapted from Fang Baiyu's novel "A Thousand Doors," which focuses on the story of Yun Xiang, a young man who enters the Jianghu with a mission from his family and accidentally befriends several friends, including Shu Yanan, a heroine with a strong valor, Su Mingyu, and Jin Biao, a nimble swordsman. Yun Xiang (played by Chen Xiao), a disciple of Yuntai, enters the jungle after 10 years of practice. In the process of wandering the world, Yun Xiang makes friends with several people and start to experience the warmth of friendship. The quirky, intelligent and smart woman, Shu Yanan (played by Mao Xiaotong), makes Yun Xiang fall in love with her. Yunxiang and his friends have a happy time together. But good times don't last. As he investigates the tragic case of his former clan's extermination, Yun Xiang unearths more horrifying secrets and things start to take a turn for the worse. After experiencing deceit, betrayal and separation, life and death, he realizes that Wantai, whose mission was to benefit the people, has long since fallen from grace, and decides to stand up for what is right in his heart, even if it means sacrificing himself. The drama will be broadcast online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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