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Liang Hao


He Feng is a tech expert with high abilities and IQ, and grew up smarter than most of his classmates. However, his capabilities for his career is being doubted due to his young age. Scriptwriter Wang Xiaoan who did not study scriptwriting in college is not able to move away from being labeled as a thriller scriptwriter has also met with a bottleneck in their career. In order to gain a foothold in the new company, He Feng is preparing to develop a ski-related story-based game. He urgently needs a ski master to improve the storyline. After learning that Wang Xiaoan is a ski master, He Feng took the initiative to give a hand to Wang Xiaoan who is about to lose their job. In order to continue her dream of screenwriting, Wang Xiaoan was forced to take up the job even if she was reluctant to meet with her ex-boyfriend. The two young people who reunited due to the game "Powder Snow" started understanding each other again begrudgingly, and agreed with each other at work. The similar situation that the both of them are in made the them understand each other better. Wang Xiaoan gradually let go of her prejudice against He Feng, and the two became attracted to each other again in the process of working hard to complete the plan, and fell in love. Skiing reunited the two, and the snow field is the new starting point of their love.
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Episodes 1-24