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16 Episodes
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"K Drama "Shooting Stars" is jointly produced by director Lee Soo Hyun ("Find Me in Your Memory," "The Witch's Diner") and newbie scriptwriter Choi Young Woo. The drama is based on the entertainment industry and entertainment agencies. It tells the story of how artists are just like a star that cannot shine alone in the sky. The dramas tells the story of the bright stars in the entertainment industry, and the hard-working people who are behind to clean up the mess. Standing at the forefront of taking care of the artists, the manager of the public relations team, Oh Hanbyul (played by Lee Sungkyung), and her sworn enemy, that is, perfect superstar Kong Taesung (played by Kim Young-dae), a hilarious rom-com between them is about to unfold. A shrewd and capable female manager public relations team leader who cultivates the company's A-line male idol star, what kind of sparks will the two bring? Brought to you by main casts Lee Sungkyung ("Dr. Romantic 2") and Kim Youngdae ("Penthouse")."
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Episodes 1-16
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