Rising Boas In A Girls School

details | Rising Boas In A Girls School

1 h 27 m


China's mainland




Guo Yu LongWenjun Xie


There is a secret snake breeding base in the hills on the outskirts of Haixi City, where the owner feeds strong hormones recklessly and the snakes gradually mutated. One day a group of snakes escaped from their cage and started to attack the humans in the base. At the same time, the snakes also crawled to the snake breeding base not far away from a flight attendant school. The school was preparing for the graduation ceremony, and the students, unaware of their impending danger, were still conducting the school's professional skills competition. The snakes stealthily swarmed into the school's various premises, and several girls were bitten by the swarm, screaming and alarming the entire dormitory building as the girls scampered and fled. Liu Chao, a security guard, rescued Li Mengna, a flight attendant student who was trapped by the snakes. The two tried to notify the whole school to evacuate but were stopped by the principal. In front of everyone's eyes, the giant black snake swallowed the principal, and the great escape began. Seeing that the students are running around without order, Liu Chao and Li Mengna decide to come forward and lead the other girls to escape from the snake crisis.
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