Queen's Bench III

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1 h 37 m
Chinese MainlandHong KongCrimeDrama


Hui who has sinned but is determined to reform, parts his ex-girlfriend before he leaves for work in the USA. And Ken, the son of the village chief, flees in haste after hurting his girlfriend Xiaolian mortally in their game of love and torture. Hui is tripped when passing by the jungle after saying farewell to Ling. But when he is rescuing the fainted Xiaolian, he is caught and mistaken as the murderer by villagers. Hui is taken by the police to assist in investigation. In order to hide Ling, Hui doesn’t confess all details honestly. When Lawyer Wu is going to bail Hui, they learn Xiaolian’s death. And Hui is charged with murder. Wu turns to Zhang Dazhuang and asks him to appear in court. Zhang intuitively believes in Hui’s innocence. All parties search favorable evidence for Hui and finally learn about Ling.
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