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The Chinese drama "Oh My Lord" is adapted from a popular web novel. This drama is a sweet ancient romance drama. It tells the story of "The Thousand-year Ice Block," Lord Qiansui, after meeting the quirky girl Chen Youyou, becomes a man crazy protective of his wife. Bai Li (played by Luo Zheng), is an eunuch who is highly relied on by the city master, the Lord that should not be offended, the cold-faced handsome man, who defeated the Xian King inadvertently and became the new most handsome man in the Fuxian City. Decisive in killing, low-key yet is pure at heart, he is arrogant and dedicated to his feelings. After becoming a famous doctor in the Su family, he hides his identity as a fake eunuch. This identity has been used for many years. He has always yearned to have a warm family and desired love till he met Chen Youyou, where his heart began to melt, and the thousand-year ice block melts to be crazy protective of his wife. Chen Youyou (played by Ji Meihan), a quirky girl, in order to seek survival, stepped on the road to survival of the ever-changing comedians. She is straightforward yet flexible, but she still retains this pure and kind original intention and has a good business mind. Longing for an unrestrained life, she has the same vitality as an undead cockroaches. Bai Li and Chen Youyou went from attacking and having their defenses up for each other at the beginning to warming each other at the end. They fell in love after marriage, broke barriers with sincerity, and staged a ridiculous love story in Fuxian City. The play is directed by director Cai Junai ("Couple of Mirrors", "Special Delivery"), starring Luo Zheng ("Cry me a river of stars", "Nothing But You"), Ji Meihan ("Make My Heart Smile") .
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