Nezha Conquers the Dragon King

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1 h 35 m
Chinese MainlandActionComedyFantasy


During the reign of the tyrant Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, owing to vacancies for deities in Heaven, demons kept making trouble in the human world and the common people suffered to the fullest extent. At Chentang Pass, as night fell, the snake demon Shi Ji sneaked into a house and killed lots of people. She was going to take away the youngest son of this household when Li Jing, the Borough Chief, rushed there with his men after hearing the news. He drew Qiankun Bow and shot three arrows consecutively. The snake demon was heavily injured by the third arrow and escaped. Failing to catch the snake demon, Li Jing was depressed. While hiding herself away to heal her wound, Shi Ji harbored resentment in her heart and decided to seek her revenge.
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