New Painted Skin

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1 h 31 m
Chinese MainlandRomanceFantasyDramaCostume


The human general Shouyang pretended to surrender to the demon tribe in a big battle and waited for the right moment to kill the Demon King. The Demon King ordered to capture Shouyang's fiancée Qiusang as a hostage. However, after killing Qiusang by mistake, Changmian, the owner of the skin workshop, disguised herself as Qiusang through her skin painting. Shouyang brought Changmian back to the Demon City, and Changmian became Shouyang's wife in place of Qiusang. The Demon King finds out the real face of Changmian, he blackmails Chang-Min to steal Shouyang's information, Changmian can't bear to deceive Shouyang anymore, and takes the initiative to reveal the truth to Shouyang. When the Demon King sent out his troops, Shouyang fought with the demon king, but at the moment of victory, he saw Changmian who was dressed as the Demon King. It turns out that Changmian secretly set up a scheme, risking her life, to kill the Demon King by herself. She disguised herself as the Demon King and went to see Shou Yang, willing to die under his sword.
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