Miss Chun is a Litigator

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Chun Tumi, the young mistress of the Chun family, dreamed of becoming a litigator. But before her dream of becoming a litigator could be achieved, she was told the bad news that her father, Chun Dashan, had been unjustly imprisoned. With no boys in the family, and her cowardly stepmother, Chun Tumi had no choice but to appear on court to defend for her father, setting foot on the path to becoming a litigator. When dealing with officers and soldiers, she got acquainted with Yasha, and the two people in different situations encouraged and helped each other. Chun Tumi persisted in using the law without fear of hierarchy, and uncovered the mastermind behind the "Poisoned Fish Soup Case." Not only did she seek justice for Mrs. Fang, the owner of Linshui Restaurant, but she also found out the connection between her father's unjust case and this case, and completely cleared up her father's wrongdoing. At the same time, Kang Zhengyuan, the chancellor of Dali Temple, and Han Wuwei, the eldest son of the Dali Temple, invited Chun Tumi to join the prison patrol team. Everyone's encouragement made Tumi firmer in his dream of being a litigator. At the prison, Chun Tumi assisted in solving various difficult cases, gave full play to her strengths, and finally became the first female litigator in ancient times, and at the same time reaped the love as she and Yasha accompany each other through life and death.
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