Love Unexpected

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24 Episodes
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This tells the story of Lu Fanfan, a genius nutritionist, who accidentally returned to five years ago because of a Fermi bubble accident. There, she met Liu Ruochen, who was not yet a well-known barrister at this time yet. Liu Ruochen fell in love with this kind and innocent girl at first sight, and even rushed into the fire to save her regardless of his own safety. . Because of this fire, Lu Fanfan understood that her return from this trip might be the chance for her to start over. Afterwards, Lu Fanfan and Liu Ruochen joined hands to rescue Lin Yingzi, who had been suffering from domestic violence for many years, and helped the new generation idol singer Qian Mingyue undo the knot in his heart. Just when Liu Ruochen summoned the courage to confess to Lu Fanfan, an accident and a long-planned crisis was slowly approaching. Lu Fanfan was attacked and lost her memory and disappeared for no reason. Liu Ruochen died in an explosion, and his friends were in danger one after another. What happened? Who is the mastermind behind these? It all starts here...
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Episodes 1-24