Love Like White Jade

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The top maid of Langya Pavilion, Shui Wuxia, was hired by Jiang Mansion to assist the young master Jiang Baiyu to learn literature and martial arts, to become an official. The two of them do not get along well and have secrets that are not known to each other. Shui Wuxian is looking for his lost brother, while Jiang Baiyu is trying to find out the cause of his father's death. While fate brings the two teenagers together. Jiang Baiyu has changed his playboy habits, and Shui Wufei has begun to see how tough and sincere Jiang Baiyu is. Finally, the truth emerges that the culprit behind the imprisonment of Shui Wuxie's brother and the murder of Jiang Baiyu's father is the same person, Jiang Xun, Jiang Baiyu's uncle. When the crisis hits, Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu are determined to take on the challenge and bring Jiang Xun's doings to the public, so as to bring peace back to Jiangzhou. The two of them, after everything, find themselves attracted to each other and live their lives together happily ever after.
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