Lord Of East China Sea II

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1 h 43 m
Chinese MainlandHong KongMysteryCrimeDramaGangsterFriendship


"Lord of East China Sea II" continues the saga of the life of Luk in "The Drive of Life". Luk runs bigger and bigger business, but his generosity begins to strain his finances. He aims at the banking industry, but is resisted by all Shanghai bankers. Luk asks Gu Yu for help and finally makes the bankers bend... In 1937, the government launches the "New Life" Movement. Luk gives up the opium business and takes the lead in drug rehabilitation, which almost kills him. Soon after the Lugou Bridge Incident breaks out, Luk donates fighters to fight against the Japanese, but fails to stop the loss of Shanghai and the death of his men. Luk is forced to flee to Hong Kong while Chief Wong pretends to be a fool and stays in Shanghai; Yuen Siu-Kwan becomes a traitor to China, which causes assassination by Shan at the order of Luk.
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