Kill the Drug Lords

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1 h 32 m
Chinese MainlandCrimeActionPolice & CriminalGangster


This drama tells the story of the police officers led by Police Chief Leng Jie and undercover cop Zhang Zhengyang, who fight against criminal gangs with intelligence and courage, even at the risk of sacrificing their own lives. The show also portrays the emotions of comradeship, family, and love, and elevates the image of the police officers, who are flesh and blood like everyone else, but who can rise to the occasion in times of crisis, conveying the positive energy of upholding justice and the law to society. By depicting the harm caused by criminal gangs to social order and the people, the show fully demonstrates the necessity and determination of the party and the state to carry out the special campaign against gang crime and evil, and expresses the idea of putting the people first, interpreting the truth that justice will always prevail over evil, and promoting the glorious tradition of our party of always putting the safety and well-being of the people first. Finally, by showing the different outcomes of the positive and negative characters, the show conveys the correct values, morals, and worldviews to the younger generation, reminding them that there are no shortcuts to success in this world.
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