In Love with the Dead

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1 h 37 m
Hong KongRomanceHorrorDramaThrillerRevengeMarriage


Suffering from pancreatic cancer brings a blow to Lu Hui and her boyfriend Enming. Lu Hui’s younger sister is criticized by teacher due to reading ghost stories at school. Lu Hui loses her temper in the face of her ignorant sister. Enming comforts Lu Hui while coping with heavy work. After getting laid off, Enming meets Zhu Fangting his old friend in elementary school, in the new job interview. Although Enming still spends all his spare time with Lu Hui, he is stressed by her who is in unable moods and has weird acts due to torture of the disease. Attracted by Zhu Fangting's considerate and relaxing nature, Enming gets closer and closer and sleep with her. They choose to continue their affair secretly. On a rainy night, Lu Hui disappears.
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