In Later Years

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39 Episodes
Chinese MainlandUrbanFamilyMarriageMandarinNovel Adaptation


The life of middle-aged woman Zhang Chunmei may appear perfect to outsiders. Her son has excelled in his studies and gained admission to a prestigious university. Her husband is a professor and doctoral supervisor, successful in his career. She herself holds the position of deputy editor-in-chief at a magazine and has prospects for further promotion. She has a house, a car, and savings. However, in reality, Chunmei is the only one who knows the bitterness in her life. Middle age arrives without warning, bringing along a crisis: her husband Weiqiang goes missing. Chunmei examines various clues and concludes that Weiqiang is having an affair. However, when Weiqiang finally seems to have realized his mistake and wants to come back home, he requests a divorce from Chunmei. Of course, this crisis of middle age is not the only one. When numerous difficulties come crashing down on Chunmei, she begins to contemplate how to handle the pressures of work and family under the weight of life, and how to face aging with composure.
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