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In 2046, Yu Fei and Sun Hao participated in an immersive sci-fi experience. In the process of playing the role of the staff of Xu Wuqiang Memorial Hall, the gang headed by Xu Dalong, a descendant of the Xu family, went back to the ancestral house to find a treasure map. During the dispute, everyone traveled back to Xu Wuqiang's home in the Ming Dynasty. At this time, Tsing Yi Wei of the Zhengzhi court massacred the Xu residence in the name of eliminating the rebels, and Yu Fei and Sun Hao, who were involved, were also killed by mistake. Unexpectedly, the two not only did not die, but also repeated the story that happened that day. In the process, everyone gradually found out more about the truth that Xu Wuqiang's family was wiped out in history. However, the number of times of time travelling is not unlimited. Facing the last chance to time travel, Yu Fei and others had to make difficult choices in the tragedy of the year, who was loyal and who was evil, and how to help the Xu family escape from danger.
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