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24 Episodes
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Yang Yibin who grew up with great resources in Shanghai, in order to pursue freedom and run away from his aunt's control, he applied to universities all over the country, and finally arrived at Dongbei. Due to the differences in culture, it was difficult for him to adapt to life in Dongbei, and with fate, he met Dongbei girl Zhao Duoduo. Yibin's aunt who basically raised him was worried about her dear nephew, and also moved to Shenyang to accompany his studies. Duoduo's dad Zhao Jiefang is also now her landlord. Yibin wants to run away from his aunt and Dongbei, so he applied to a university overseas, yet didn't dare to tell his aunt. Duoduo just wants to matchmake her dad and Yibin's aunt, and made Yibin stand on her side too. Yibin's aunt who has been lonely for many years have finally warmed up to the kind and sincere Zhao Jiefang, and the two youngsters went from enemies to being attracted to each other.
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