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Wayu and love suddenly ended because Pha broke up and disappeared. However, he still had a close friend, Mark, who took care of him closely. One day, Mark wanted to challenge and plan a mission to flirt with the doctor. Hearing that Dr. Kit, the star of the Faculty of Medicine, was hard to approach. But just the first day of the mission to flirt with the doctor, Pha asked to meet Wayu. The story of that day ended with the decision of Kit not accepting Mark's love, and even worse, Pha did not come. The feeling of disappointment arose with all the characters. After Wayu started to accept it, he reminded Mark to return to Kit because he did not want to cause his friend’s failure in love. Kit and Mark decided to tune their understanding once again As everything was going smoothly, one day, Pha came back.
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Episodes 1-12