Friendly Fire

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30 Episodes
Chinese MainlandMysteryCrimePolice & Criminal


This story takes place in the small northern city of Nanshi. In order to uphold legal justice, Liao Fanghua of the Public Security Bureau puts a criminal gang led by Xue Feng, Xiao Lin, Catfish Head and Wang Quan into prison. In order to cover up her crime, Xiao Lin pretended to be law-abiding, but secretly instructed her subordinate Huang Pingan to salvage Wang Quan and obtain a USB flash drive containing evidence of her crime and Xue Feng's crime in Wang Quan's hands, and attempted to take action on Liao Fanghua's son to break Liao Fanghua's will and buy time for herself to escape her crime. Liao Fanghua leads the cadre of police officers unravel the layers above the truth to eliminate one obstacle after another in search of the evidence clues left behind. Xue Feng's secretary Zhang Yun assassinates Xiao Lin to protect herself, and just when she attempts to retrieve the flash drive and destroy it, she is killed by Liao Fanghua in one fell swoop.
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