Dear Herbal Lord【Liam x Liu Yu】

details | Dear Herbal Lord【Liam x Liu Yu】

24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceFantasyAncient


Achieving immortal transformation through self-cultivation was once the sole goal of Little Songlan, who used to be a woad plant. However, after being accidently eaten by the County Princess, she can do nothing but force Chu Zhimo, the “Herbal Lord,” into marriage, so that she can absorb the herbal essence in his body and thereby achieve her original goal. Silly as she is, Little Songlan is a tenacious girl determined to marry into Chu Zhimo’s family despite Chu’s indifference and her countless failure. Before starting her courting, she returns to Agarwood Mountain and takes a few intimate friends back to the earthly world. A series of adorkable courting actions happen when these immortals help Little Songlan woo the Herbal Lord, but eventually Little Songlan “retrieves” her true love, and together they fight against the “God of Plague” and rescue the common people.
Episodes 1-24