Beauties of the King 2

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15 Episodes


Jing Rong finds out about the truth about the fake city and is angry at Liu Mo for deceiving him and Feng Er for betraying him, eventually escaping from the Longing Shop. With the help of Yun, Feng Xueyan escaped from Liu Mo's pursuit, and they went to Dale Chunqiu Mansion to find Jing Rong. After Jing Rong left the Longfeng shop, he was exposed to real life, where he was very popular. Soon his heroism and simplicity attracted the attention of treacherous men, who cheated him of all his money and turned him into a beggar. Feng Xueyan found Jing Rong, but she didn't expect that Jing Rong misunderstood them deeply. Jing Rong was arrested as a young man, and in order to help others get ahead, he was beaten and scolded by the supervisor, which made him miserable. Feng Xueyan rescued Jing Rong with tricks, and the relationship between Feng Er and Jing Rong warmed up. Jing Rong and the three women decided to obtain food to help the victims, and finally successfully transferred the food and rescued the victims. The county magistrate found out that he had been cheated and came with a killer to put Jing Rong to death. Liu Mo came in time and saved everyone. Jing Rong, who has experienced wind and rain, knows the taste of power, and understands the suffering of the people, immediately returns to his own place.
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