Bad and Crazy

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12 Episodes
South KoreaCrimeFantasyActionThrillerPolice & CriminalKorean


"A heroic drama about a competent yet ""bad guy"" Soo-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) who recovers his humanity after meeting K (Wi Ha-joon), a righteous but crazy person. Soo-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) is a competent police officer of the drug squad who only has a high school education. Due to his ambitions, he only takes on cases his superiors like and gives them the desired outcome, yet turning a blind eye to some injustice. As the promotion period nears, Soo-yeol with no backing is faced with the crisis of losing his opportunity once again. Congressman Do Yoo-gon gives Soo-yeol hope for a promotion again, but his life comes to complete halt when K (Wi Ha-joon) who is righteous but crazy, suddenly appears at the critical moment! What will the meeting of 'bad guy' Soo-yeol and the crazy guy, K, bring? iQIYI original Korean drama ""Bad and Crazy"" stars Lee Dong-wook (""Guardian: The Lonely and Great God"", ""The Tale of a Gumiho"", ""Touch Your Heart""), Wi Ha-joon (""Squid Game"", ""Something in the Rain"") and Han Ji-eun (""Real""). It's produced by the production team of ""The Uncanny Counter"" together with the CG team of ""Guardian: The Lonely and Great God""."
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Episodes 1-12