Arsenal Military Academy

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48 Episodes
Chinese MainlandYouthSweet Love


To study at the Military Academy, Xie Xiang disguises herself as a man. She develops a close friendship with her classmates Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan. In addition to keeping her secret, she also needs to work hard at all the training. Meanwhile, Xie Xiang and her friends experience an array of events. Finally, she gains excellent academic performance and the love of her two male classmates. Afterwards, Japan sends reinforcements to the northeast China. Jin Xianrong, who has a crush on Shen Junshan, comes back from overseas, followed by a series of conspiracies. With the help of her friends, Xie Xiang fights against Japanese and destroys Jin Xianrong’s schemes. In the end, the love between Xie Xiang and Gu Yanzhen blossoms.
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  • 25-48