Army Soul Of The Han Dynasty

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1 h 29 m
Chinese MainlandWuxiaActionDramaMartial ArtsCostume


In the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Northern Xiongnu took the opportunity to annex the Western Region and control the Silk Road. The Han court sent Ban Chao on a mission to the Western Region in order to reopen the Silk Road. Facing the barbaric plundering of the Northern Xiongnu, Geng Gong, the fake secretary, led the Han warriors to capture the Northern Xiongnu prince in one fell swoop and made a great achievement. He was then promoted and stationed in Jinpu City. With this, Northern Xiongnu got furious and ordered 20,000 elite iron cavalry to invade Jinpu City. At this time, Geng Gong brought only 300 people to the city to meet the invasion. At the moment of life and death, Geng Gong made a decisive move to garrison the easily defended and hard-to-attack Shule City. A fierce battle is able to start...
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