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Preschool EducationEarly EducationParent-childBoys' FavoriteKids Variety ShowAge 7-104-6 Years Old


Kamera Family" is a quality parent-child education program for 0-12 years old, produced by Hangzhou Guyi Culture and Creative Co. The most important feature of the program thinking is that the program gathered excellent cultural and creative media design young workers and education experts, together to create. In the process of producing the program, the team of talents constantly collide and creative ideas, so that the program presents a diverse and ingenious and exciting content. The original concept of "Kamala Family" is adhered to, whether it is music, images, program content and other production by the young, creative team of ideas to create. The two original cartoon characters, Kamala the bear and Abu the penguin, and the hosts interpret the program in a humorous and witty way, bringing the audience a lot of positive energy and happy memories of growing up together.
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