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Yu Zheng


During the reign of Emperor Yong and Qian of the Qing Dynasty, the weaving industry in the Gusu area was dominating. Su embroidery and Kesi were tributes of the court. The Ren family of Suzhou prefecture inherited the position of dominating the weaving industry in Suzhou and possessed the ancestral tapestry’s secret technique. Ren Jiajia’s director Xue Tang has a gentle personality, while his wife Shen Cuixi is the opposite. She has a resolute and stern personality. She not only keeps the Ren family in order, but also promotes Ren’s tapestry craftsmanship by virtue of superb weaving and embroidery skills, and has become a well-known “boss Mother”. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Ren Xuetang had an accident while hunting down the water bandits to find out the truth about the smuggling of raw silk. After hearing the news, Shen Cui reluctantly endured grief, and in order to preserve the secret skills and only blood of the Ren family, he joined forces with his rival Zeng Baoqin to fight against the turbulence of the outside world. In the end, Ren Xuetang returned safely. Shen Cuixi, after these years of turmoil, realized the high level of Kesi, and did not want to fall into a complicated emotional life again, entrusting the Ren family to Zeng Baoqin, and went away.
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