Zhang Song Wen
MaleCast,Director1976-05-10175cmChinese Mainland
Zhang Song Wen is currently the most prestigious acting teacher in China, and he is also the best performing instructor who is good at explaining and teaching "method acting" in China. His fresh and unique teaching courses can quickly improve the acting skills of actors. Zhang Song Wen, who has served as the personal tutor of many stars, is therefore known as the Godfather of Stars and many stars all want to become his students. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and has been a teacher for many years. He is also a great actor. His splendid performances in film and TV dramas like "Legend of Yang Guifei," "Spring Fever," "Bing Sheng," "The Second Face," "The Son-in-law" left an indelible impression on people. Name: Zhang Song Wen; Birthplace: Shaoguan, Guangdong Province; Zodiac Sign: Taurus; Birthday: May 10th; Blood type: O; Height: 175cm; Education: Bachelor degree; Hobbies: Acting, diving, photography ● Performing Arts Institute of Beijing Film Academy ● Chinese Academy of Film and Performing Arts Member ● Psychometrist in the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Psychology Institute ●Honorary member of China Wildlife Conservation Association ●Honorary member of China Small Animal Conservation Association. Representative movies: 2011, "Guns and Roses," as Qian Jian in "The Four," 2010, "A Beautiful Life," "Qiu Jin," "Love and Bruises," 2009, "Legend of the Fist," 2008, "Spring Fever," 2006, "Joke," 2003, "Hot Pot." Representative Play: As Yu Ji in "Farewell My Concubine," he won first place in the National Campus Drama Festival. Representative TV series: 2010, "Chef," 2009, "Legend of Yang Guifei," 2008, "Bing Sheng," 2007, "Second Face," "Huo Yuanjia," "The War of Betrayal 1895," 2006, "Empress Feng of the Northern Wei Dynasty," 2005, "Son-in-law," 2003, "Conspiracy," 2002, "Days in the Film Academy". Representative Endorsements: 2003, Kejian mobile phone (Taiwan and China); 2004, Zhongmai Fengling capsules (China); 2005, China Mobile (China); 2006, Scotch Whiskey (Taiwan), Shuanghe Pharmaceuticals Nuanweishu (China). Experience: Zhang Song Wen starred in the 20-episode TV series "The Price of Love" and started to be known in the entertainment industry. The series was re-broadcasted on Shaoguan TV three times because of the requests of many viewers. In 2004, in the 120 episodes of Southern TV’s annual drama "Son-in-law", he became the soul of the show: Jia Fa, from the first episode to the end, is in the most number of episodes in the show compared to other actors. In the series, he portrays the character Jia Fa from the age of 20 to 60, becoming the actor who portrayed the biggest age range in the series. In the country and abroad, it is not uncommon for actors to play roles who are very different from their own ages, but it is rare for him to play in that many episodes like him. In the "Rate Your Favorite Actor" poll organized by Southern TV for "Son-in-Law", his votes have always been among the top and leading by a lot of votes. His role Mr. Jia is loved by audiences throughout Guangdong Province and even Southeast Asia. Since then, he gained a large number of loyal fans. The show has been re-broadcasted more than 30 times since 2005, and it can be considered a very popular show in Guangdong. In 2005, Zhang Song Wen's gradually established his status in the film and television industry. Sun Zhou, the sixth-generation director of China, invited Zhang Song Wen to star in China Telecom's A+ upgrade service advertisement. Zhang Song Wen's signature smile in the advertisement and an impromptu dialogue "It's about time" made the advertisement popular all over the country quickly and became the most broadcasted domestic advertisement in China in 2005. Subsequently, Mr. Peng Wen Chun, the No. 1 advertising director in Asia, also invited him for a collaboration, and their "Whiskey" advertisement was produced. In the same year, the mayor of Shaoguan, Mr. Zhu Jin Xiong, led a team to participate in the "Beijing International Tourism Expo," and Mayor Zhu personally wanted to meet him. In 2006, he filmed "Empress Feng of the Northern Wei Dynasty" TV series directed by Canadian-Hong Kong director Wei Han Tao. Zhang Song Wen portrayed the chief eunuch of the Northern Wei Dynasty whose authority is only below that of the emperor's. With his unique performance, he achieved a breakthrough in the usual image of eunuchs. In the same year, Hong Kong invested heavily in the remake of the TV series "Huo Yuanjia". Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan played Huo Yuanjia and Chen Zhen respectively. Zhang Song Wen was invited by the Hong Kong side to join the play as Huo Yuanjia's most important friend in his life, Nong Jin Sun. His acting skills received good feedback from the director and Hong Kong viewers. In 2007, Taiwan’s local drama "The War of Betrayal 1895" was shot in the mainland. This drama used the Wang clan's prosperity and clan to show Taiwan's history after the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Directed by the famous Taiwanese director Wan Ren, the production team and actors are all Taiwanese. Zhang Song Wen stood out in the audition with his superb performance and played the role of Emperor Guangxu in the play. In the same year, the talented new director Guan Hu, who directed the three hits, "Black Hole", "Winter Solstice" and "Seven Days", once again launched a new series "The Second Face" with Zhang Song Wen portraying the key character Ma Ming Xin. This series received the top rating in many regions, and Zhang Song Wen is looked upon positively in film and television circles. In 2008, for the first time, the famous Chinese director Zhang Ji Zhong filmed the classic Chinese military work "The Art of War by Sun Tzu", and started filming the large-scale TV series "Bing Sheng". Zhang Song Wen was invited to portray a major character, King Fu Chai of Wu. Zhang Ji Zhong praised him for his portrayal. In 2009, "Legend of Yang Guifei" hit the top ratings in the country. Zhang Song Wen played Yang Guo Zhong in the series. His humanized portrayal overturned the historical impression of Yang Guo Zhong and aroused the interests of historians and audiences. In 2010, he was invited to star in the two major films "Legend of the Feast: The Return of Chen Zhen" and "No Longer Let You Be Lonely" directed by Hong Kong top director Liu Wei Qiang. His co-actors were Donnie Yen, Anthony Perry, Shu Qi, Huang Bo, Shawn Yue, Liu Ye. Director Ning Hao and Xiao Ma co-organized an actor training class. Twenty people were selected from tens of thousands of applicants, and Zhang Song Wen was invited to be the acting director. In 2011, he starred in Hong Kong director Chen Jia’s masterpiece "The Four". He acted as the acting director in the filming of the new film "Guns and Roses" directed by Ning Hao and played an important role. He acted as the acting director of Taiwan director Chen Zheng Dao's film "The Limit of Happiness". He served as the art consultant for the movie "Detective Zhang Huiling".