Zhang Guo Zhu
MaleCast1948-10-15Chinese Mainland
Zhang Guo Zhu (1948) is a senior Taiwanese actor. In 1968, while studying in the Physical Education Department of his university, he shot a motorcycle advertisement. However, after graduation, he devoted himself to teaching. It was not until 1979 that he filmed the film "Your Smiling Face" for the first time, and formally made his debut in the entertainment industry. His representative works include "Love Massacre" and "A Brighter Summer Day". His son, Zhang Zhen, is also a well-known movie actor. "Zhang Guo Zhu" is also the name of an anti-war hero of Qiantaijingcun in Cangshan County, an executive director of Jiang County Calligraphers Association, a director of the Strings Section of the Orchestra Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, a Henan Opera Banhu performer, a teacher of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a deputy secretary of the Party branch of Xiangfan Experimental Henan Opera Troupe, an editor of the Editorial Department for "Jiu San Magazine" in Jiusan Society, Beijing Municipal Committee, a Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Qingyuan City Statistics Bureau, and Deputy Director of Jinshanzhun Forestry Bureau of Yichun City. Zhang Guozhu is a recognized veteran in the Chinese film circle. In 1968, when he was still studying in the Physical Education Department of his university, he had already filmed his first motorcycle commercial, but then he chose to be a teacher. It was not until 1979 that he filmed the first film "Your Smiling Face" and officially joined the entertainment industry. By the time he was 30 years old, you could say that his acting achievements have bloomed late. After "Your Smiling Face," Zhang Guo Zhu took on another bold movie "Love Massacre," playing a perverted murderer. For him, this is the most difficult role, yet it was a rare experience that made his acting skills advance. For many years since then, he has adhered to the principle of strict selection of scripts. Even if he has a handsome face, he is not afraid to portray antagonist roles. His works include: 2011, as Mr. Quan in "The Killer Who Never Kills" and as Xu Zhi Sen in "Stand By Me"; 2010, as Wang Luo Dan's father in "Driverless", as the writer Lau in "The Drunkard", as Nie Ming Si in "The Blue Cornflower" with Jiang Zu Man; 2008, "Ballistic", "Rich and Famous"; 2006, The Hospital; 2001, as Daniel Wu's father in, "Born Wild"; 1999, "The Proud of Mei Long Town, "Four Chefs and a Feast"; 1994, as the father of Pi Shao Ting (Si Mao) in "The Cyclone Kid"; 1993, "Tears Shed in Taipei", "Emotional Girl / Emotional Girl: Doubt of Distress"; 1992, "Handsome Siblings", "Red Shield", "Gynecologist" with Li Xi Xian; 1991, "Stone Age Warriors", "A Brighter Summer Day"; 1990, "The Cruel Kind", as the jail warden in "Island of Fire"; 1989, "Bloody Ghost/Funny Ghost", "The Nobles"; 1986, "Dark Night"; 1985, "Twisted Love/Twisted Passion", "Lets Make Laugh 2"; 1984, "Wrong Wedding Trail", "Winner Takes All", "Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan", "An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty/Tang Dynasty Uninhibited Woman", "The Other Side of Gentleman"; 1983, "Let's Make Laugh"; 1982, "Return of the Electric Love"; 1981, "Love Massacre"; 1979, "Your Smiling Face", "Inside and Outside the Wall", "The Servant", "Butterfly Murders" (movie), "The Butterfly Murders" (TV series); 1993, as Sky Rat Lu Fang in "Bao Qing Tian"; 1997, as Qin Shi Yong in "A Pillowcase of Mystery"; 1998, as Qin Nian Zong in "Sun, Moon and Star"; 1998, as Wei Cheng Tian in "Xiao Zhuang Yuan"; 2002, as Xi Men's dad in "Meteor Garden 2"; 2004, as the police who asked Show Luo to go undercover in "The Outsiders 2"; 2006 "The Hospital"; 2009, as Xi Meng in "Summer's Desire"; 2007, as Ling He Sheng's father in "Mars".